20-Jul-2018Weatherford, TX(17 miles)Rooms for Rent
I have a room in a double wide mobile home on an acre of land. I am single and have a few inside cats and I am part time writer,for natural health, and paralegal student. I am looking for someone who respects others' privacy and boundaries, and will help fix or clean up the home, for less rent, or not, for more rent. No drinking or drug problem unless getting help, and accepts animals.
20-Jul-2018Haslet, TX(14 miles)Rooms for Rent
Clean home well taken care of .Room for rent paid utilities share bath ! Owner truck driver ,home sometimes on weekends !
20-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
I am looking for a stable individual, who has no problem compromising with my conditions, I reside in a comfortable home and would be happy to have a roommate in need.
20-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
Hi! We are an international household of three people. We have a French girl, Vietnamese girl, and a Spanish guy. We are looking for something to join our little group. We are all very clean and peaceful people but we do enjoy getting together when we are not busy traveling or working. If you are interested in joining us, please contact ttvo8324 at gmail
20-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
We are a family of 4. My husband is on a busy work schedule and I am a full time student and work myself. We have 2 small children ages 3yrs and 4 months. We barely get time to enjoy our apartment with our schedules. We have 3 beds and two baths. The bedroom we are renting is on the other end of our apartment with a bathroom right next door to it. So you will have your own space and we will hav...
20-Jul-2018Saginaw, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
My roommate and I work most of the time and hardly see each other as it is. I have weekends off and he rotates five on 2 off and two on 5 off. Other than that Im days off we keep to ourselves playing video games or just going out.
20-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
I get up at two a.m. for work and get home around 4. I have two dogs that are very friendly. I would need someone that I can trust to be alone with them and to not leave the front door open, etc.. I am a laid back person and am very flexible. I am trying to buy a new truck so getting a roommate will help with the payments.
20-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
House is home to one sweet mannered and shy Sheltie, and 1 declawed part Maine Coon cat. Unsure if my mother's dog will still be residing here. So please do not inquire if you are not pet friendly. I don't smoke but have no issue with outdoor smoking. I am looking for a non-judgmental roommate, because I'm very open-minded in regards to everything from religion, sexuality and such. Lease expire...
20-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
Two best friends with a roommate/good friend moving out. The space is separated from the main house and connected by the garage. The washroom and kitchen are open for shared use. We both work full time and future students, yet again. The bedroom is being remodeled and will be changed before move-in. The 5th picture is an example of the remodel and not the actual space. Very easygoing and laid b...
20-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
Please contact me for more details.
20-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
My boyfriend and I are looking for a moderately clean roommate with no pets. We have two living rooms so theres plenty of room to have your own space. We live in a nice, safe neighborhood. We are fairly active, we like nights in but are also members of bowling and volleyball leagues in the evenings.
19-Jul-2018Watauga, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
Nice peaceful home. No drugs smoking ok outside. I have one small older dog. Do not want any more animals in my home. Very clean complete furnished. Will do a back ground check on you.
17-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
I work from 530am till 3pm. Then go to school from 5pm to 12am. Rarely home. Looking to save money just want a roommate who is quite and clean. No smoking. No drama.
15-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
I am looking for someone who is nice decent pays the rent on time and is in a convict a felon or a smoker and no pets
13-Jul-2018Watauga, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
We have 2 available options... 1 is $975 per month, includes total upstairs (2 rooms) and full private bathroom. All bills included.
13-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
Hi! I moved to Fort Worth from Kansas City a few months ago. The roommate I was planning on living with got a job too far away to live in Fort Worth so I was left with an extra room. I do have 2 cats, Batman and Robin, that love cuddles at least as much as they love food. I'm pretty laid back and I work as an ER nurse.
13-Jul-2018Saginaw, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
I'm actually looking for someone to take over my part of a lease I recently signed do that I may move back to Fort Worth to live with my grandparents. There are actually two rooms available for rent.
13-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
If you have any pets you will have to pay the pet deposit and and pet rent.
12-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
Hi! I'm Briana and my friend Nathalie and I are looking for a 3rd roommate. We are looking to stay on the south or south west side of Fort Worth. We are both eager to find a roommate to help us with our apartment hunting. We would ask that you have the master and pay $50 more. You would then have your own restroom as well. We are very chill and just want some who is easy to get along with.
10-Jul-2018Fort Worth, TX(18 miles)Rooms for Rent
We are a very easygoing, fun, and open. We are both bisexual and enjoy having friends over for threesomes though we don't do it very often because we both work a lot. We both very much enjoy being nude in our home so a roommate that does not mind open nudity would be a plus. We are also both animal lovers. We have 2 well behaved cats, a rabbit, and 3 guinea pigs. With as many pets as we have al...
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